Some video games end leaving you wanting more. Some end so poorly, it’s almost like you were playing a different game. And some, well some are just beautiful. Flitz poetically counts down his Top 5 video game endings.

Top Ten Games You Must Play Twice

Just when you think you’re done, these games pull you back in! From new modes to new game plus, these ten games refuse to be put down after a single playthrough.

PIKACHU Pillow Pet

On Amazon I found this Pikachu Pillow pet on sale for about $10, It looks a bit weird but surely it would make a awesome gift for that Pokemon fan in your life.

Over 9000 Zombies – Launch Trailer

Over 9,000 Zombies! combines the unyielding urgency of arcade action with the clever strategy of tower-defence to create a riotous festival of (un)death. Blast, bomb and incinerate the endless hordes by night, build weaponized turrets by day and outlive your fellow survivors for bragging rights. The end of the world needs a good soundtrack and… Read More »

5 Tips for live streaming on Twitch TV

Here are some tips for live streaming on Twitch TV, They are pretty basic but you would be surprised how many people make simple mistake that will ultimately cost them some viewers. Play with a friend 2 heads are better than one especially when it comes to live streaming. Its not easy for 1 person… Read More »

The Music of League of Legends

Watch as the Riot Games music team forges orchestral sagas for the League of Legends universe through passion, collaboration, and the pursuit of creative harmony in the documentary Frequencies.