Crash Bandicoot Lore in a minute!

Neo Periwinkle Cortex was born to a family of circus clowns, but shunned entertaining others in favor of scientific study. At three, a group of performers tattooed an N on his forehead, for “Nerd.” After a freak explosion left Cortex without a family, he enrolled at Madame Amberly’s Academy of Evil where he met the… Read More »

Mad Catz F.R.E.Q.TE Tournament Edition Stereo Gaming Headset

F.R.E.Q.TE upholds the same exacting standards as our award-winning R.A.T. gaming mice. Lightweight components are adjustable for a custom fit, yet strong enough to withstand the extreme stress of LAN tournaments. Used with other soldiers in our tenacious TE army – S.T.R.I.K.E.TE keyboard, R.A.T.TE and M.M.O.TE mice – you’ll have all the tools needed to… Read More »