Create your own Mega Man levels with Mega Maker!

Mega Maker is a Mega Maker creator tool made by fans, for the fans. Just like Mario Maker, The game allows anyone to create their own levels and then share it with the world. Mega Maker features assets from the first 6 Mega Man games in its original 8-bit glory! This includes 129 tilesets, 40 backgrounds, and 29 level objects. Its Interesting that the developer is releasing this game for FREE. WreckingPrograms claims that he will not make any profit from the game. Their is a Patreon page setup to help with server costs.

The game will be released on July 15th, which is next Saturday! Stay tuned to

Will Capcom shut this project down?

Its hard to say, A few years ago there was a Mega Man X Street Fighter project that ended up getting officially supported by Capcom. Hopefully this project could get the same support. Why not? It helps keep the Mega Man series relive not just with old school gamers, But the new generation as well.

Capcom currently has plans to release the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on all platforms on August 2nd.