Custom Game Controllers from Scuf Gaming

I came across SCUF Gaming nifty custom controllers at a holiday showcase in NYC. Who is Scuf Gaming?

SCUF Gaming is a company that specializes in custom gaming controllers that caters to pro gamers. I’ve had the pleasure in learning about what makes these controllers special. it’s goes beyond it’s eye catching sleek design. It’s built to deliver high performance for your gaming skills. Its not just a controller but rather an experience. I was fascinated by the different kinds of custom designs.

I never owned a customized controller, but after learning about SCUF Gaming’s patented paddle control system, I knew I must own one. Especially since 90 percent of the games I play are first person shooter. SCUF Gaming’s patented paddle control system is essentially a add on that mimics face button actions, allowing thumbs to remain on thumb sticks. It makes it much easier for you to win and, reduces hand strain. The controller also features adjustable hair triggers and trigger stop mechanism which is a blessing when it comes to shooting efficiency.

You can adjust the tension and position of the trigger as well. The interchangeable thumb sticks is a sweet concept that allows you to swap out different thumb sticks for your specific needs. The grip on the controller is made out of top of the notch high quality rubber making it easier for you to grip and play in comfort. I didn’t realize how important a controller is when it comes to serious gaming. A serious gamer needs a serious controller.

Whether you’re a Xbox one player, PS4 player or, a PC gamer, SCUF Gaming is the way to go. They have certainly revolutionized the way a basic controller functions in FPS games. Did i mention I fell in love with a fuzzy like grass controller?