ECEEN Hydration Solar Backpack Review

Hydration Backpacks is a must for anyone who is active. I have been involved in fitness for almost 2 years now, and I currently own 6 hydration backpacks. All CamelBak brand. I typically use them for hiking and adding resistance to my long distance runs.  Here is where ECEEN Solar Backpack comes into my life and into my collection. I have been using ECEEN for a month and I am happy with it.  A few minor cons but that’s it.

The Pros

It comes with a 1.8L Bladder bag and 7 Watts Solar Powered Panel to charge your devices. I am a fan of slim fitted backpacks in general so this was a plus for me.  I like how easy it is to fill by just simply twisting the cap unlike my CamelBak where I have to use a bit of force to twist the cap. Another plus is the extra storage compartments inside the bag, Especially inside the pouch area.

I like storing extra things. The overall design of the backpack catches people’s eye everywhere I go. From the slim fitting city sleek style to the in-season dark red color. This backpack also makes a good bag to wear at conventions such as Comic-con because you are able to hydrate and charge your devices in direct natural lighting. I like that you can detach the Solar Panel to give the bag a different personality.

The Cons

The tiny flaps that holds the Solar Panels seems to be poorly made. It tears up quicker for some reason. I wish the Solar Panel came with a battery pack because that would make things much easier in terms of charging. If you want to charge your devices, you have to stand in one place to charge. If you like fashion, tech, and fitness, ECEEN’s Solar Panel Hydration Backpack is worth investing in. You will certainly grab people’s attention by just wearing it. I know I have.