My experience at Jump into VR Fest 2017

I was happy to of catch day three of Jump into VR fest on a sunny Sunday. First of all, let me just say, it is amazing to see something like this right in my neighborhood in the Lower East Side. Upon walking in, there was a talk going on about augmented reality and what the future holds for this neat technology. There was a discussion about ordering food using Augmented Reality and even a short demonstration. There was plenty of panels to tune in such as data discussions and the world beyond Virtual Reality headsets. My brain can’t picture an image on what’s beyond Virtual Reality.

Besides amazing panels, there were also neat games and tech to check out such as a live 3D VR camera by Suometry. I played some trippy games that made me weak at the knees and nearly losing my balance. One of my favorite moments at Jump into VR Fest was being taken out of reality in this art experience called The Calm by Misha, and developed by Efrain Aguilar Jr. It was quite the experience. The colors, the artwork, the calmness that I felt, it was satisfying. It is incredible to witness the advancement in VR and I cannot wait to see what the next phase in VR is.