Get ready for Pokemon Ultra Prism!

Pokemon Ultra Prism is the next set in the Pokemon TCG and looking to catch fire. Is this the set to reinvigorate the Pokemon card game land bring it back like its 1999? I remember standing in line for hours just to buy a single booster pack and people who had no clue what Pokemon was getting in line behind me. Almost 20 years later and I have to admit that getting back into the game took a little research. Tapu Lele? Buzzwole? Guzzlord? What happened to Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle? Well rest easy cause the old faves are still here, and some of them got a little tanner. To understand where the card game is right now, we need to look at the video game (Pokemon Sun & Moon).

Pokemon Sun & Moon (Nintendo 3DS) takes place in the Alola region (think Hawaii), which thankfully explains tan Alolan Raichu better than a Jersey Shore obsession. Also, If Raichu can get tan does that mean he has no fur and is just a hairless rodent?) Once again you are a trainer catching Pokemon and progressing through a series of trials. However, while on your journey, an Ultra Beast emerges from a wormhole and then quickly disappears. After some shenanigans, Ultra Beasts are roaming the streets and you have to fight to protect the island. Pokemon Ultra Prism (TCG) continues that video game experience offline. It is the 5th set (SM5) in the Sun & Moon TCG block and has 173 cards in the 156 card set.

How could there be 173 cards? Well, 17 of the cards are considered secret rares, and these include full art supporters like Lusamine and Lana or possibly a golden foil Solgaleo and Lunala. As you guessed, the Ultra Beasts put the ultra in Ultra Prism, but did you know Prism Star cards put the prism in the name? Prism Star cards are more powerful cards that a player can only play one copy of in their deck (think restricted list cards). This will hopefully introduce an extra level of excitement into the game when one of those cards are played, but we’ll have to wait and see how players work these into their decks.

Release date

Although the pre-release events have already started, the set officially drops on February 2, 2018. Also be sure to check out your local Toys R Us for their release event on February 3, 2018,for a free Piplup promo card and Ultra Prism poster. Good luck everyone. Hope you get those golden pulls!