Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earphones [REVIEW]

Before I stumbled across Jabra earphone, I use to wear all kinds of fitness headphones that promised the usual Bluetooth, stay in place and long lasting battery life. I must have gone through at least 12 different types. Some were wired, some were wireless, some were shaped like ear muffs and some were tiny buds that caused irritation. I maintain a very fit lifestyle so finding the perfect headphones was a priority. I starting to feel like Goldilocks in search for the “just right” headphones. Back in July, I was introduced to Jabra Sport Pulse headphones. The world’s first sports headphones with automatic fitness testing.

When I received my Jabra Sport Pulse headphones, I had doubts. Looking at my disappointing collection, I had little hopes for this. I decided to test these headphones out for a month before I wrote a review. My first day wearing them, I ran 9 miles alongside the river and under 3 bridges where there is usually a dead signal. No signal loss. I took the vo2max test to determine my fitness level. I thought that was a neat concept to have, especially if you want to improve your fitness each week. It tracks it all. I like hearing the British coach tell me my pace and heart rate. For some reason, it pumps me up more and I find myself running faster. I like listening to my heart rate while running.

Ever since I started using Jabra Sport Pulse earphones, I no longer feel annoyed while constantly looking at my fitbit as I run. My next test was weight lifting. I had no problem with it. It stayed in place especially when it came to dead lifts. The Pros with Jabra Sport Pulse headphones are, it stays in place. You no longer need to look down at your phone or fit bit, your eyes are focused on the road if you are running so it is actually safer.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earphones [Reviewed… by GamerMotion

Final Thoughts

Let’s talk about cons. I think the battery life needs to be improved. Charging the headphones was frustrating. It takes quite a while for it to charge. So, charging takes long and the battery life dies quicker. The sound quality is perfect until the battery gets low. When it starts dying, your music starts to sound like a broken record. If I were to give Jabra Sport Pulse headphones a 1-10 rating, I would rate it an 8.5. Battery must be improved. Overall, I am very happy that my search for the “just right headphones” came to an end.