New features coming to Twitch TV! – Twitchcon 2017

Twitchcon was filled with excitement, anxiety and happiness. Thousands of fans wore purple and some, even dyed their hair color to purple. Listening to the keynote, I felt inspired. As a Twitch streamer myself,  I was happy to learn about the new upcoming tools that can help Twitch streamer’s channels gain growth and also, help them achieve affiliate and partner status. Twitch announced the following features that is set to be released before the year ends.

Stream summary is a neat addition to streamers because it tells streamers how their stream went after a streaming session. It also shows a in-depth look at stats around viewers, how many followers obtained, chat activity, top clips and progress. The next on the list of many great announcements is achievements, my personal favorite. I always strive to unlock achievements in anything really, so, when achievements’ was announced, I began clapping my hands as loud as I could. Achievement are designed to helps streamers take the proper steps in becoming an affiliate and partner. It essentially shows you the way and also, where you are currently. I do hope to see an adorable icon of a trophy of some sort.

Raids oh raids

Raids helps streamers grow their channel by sharing their community with another channel making it easier than ever. A new raid feature allows streamers to allow viewers to join a raid  and help drive traffic to another streamer. It also includes a tracking system that shows who raided your channel and help improve moderation features such as the ability to choose who can raid your channel through new settings.

Rituals makes everything much easier for streamers to celebrate the best moments that brings their community together. It is also a neat feature for streamers to welcome new visitors. I am liking rituals so far. I can’t wait to use this feature to welcome my new visitors.

Premieres allow streamers  to maximize the excitement, anticipation, and viewership around new uploaded content by creating live first-viewing events. Similar to how people gather around the TV for the debut of a favorite show, fans can now do the same virtually for a streamers new uploaded content. Streamers can watch along with their community to provide insights, commentary, or just enjoy the show with their community.

Rooms is something great for streamers because they can develop smaller, parallel chat groups for users with shared interests, including moderators, subscribers, followers, and other community members. You can create different types of private chat rooms for pretty much anything.

Subscription Gifting allows anyone to gift 1-month subscriptions to any streamer’s channel to anyone on Twitch. Just in time for the holidays! What a nice way to show some appreciation.  Timing: Pre-holiday

Extension purchases allows Twitch partners and affiliates earn revenue from developer created digital items that viewers buy with extensions.

With the announced of the new features, I was inspired by what Twitch has built for the streaming community. It is incredible to see that anyone can earn income just by doing what you love to do. Pretty cool huh? Twitch’s commitment to building the most means of monetization for streamers has resulted in a massive year-over-year increase in revenue. In 2017, more than double the amount of money was paid to individual Partners with 71% more money generated on average. If you aren’t familiar with clips feature, clips is a successful discovery and also, a great way to drive more traffic to your channel. Clips is a 60 second snippet of a video. There have been more than 1 billion views of Clips on Twitch since launch.

Earlier this year, Twitch expanded monetization support to tens of thousands of non-partnered streamers with the Twitch affiliate. Within six months after its launch, over 110,000 creators have joined the program. Twitch also ensure the best quality of service by reducing video delay by 60%. Video delay would irritate any streamer so this is really good to hear. These milestones are just a few great examples on how Twitch is such a great company that truly supports it’s community. Your story, your passions and what makes you, you is what makes Twitch a well-rounded company. Your potential is endless.