Pizza Hut + Minus5 IceBar Event Recap!

Pizza Hut is changing the way you receive your pizza during the blistering cold harsh winter months. How? well, let me give you a quick run down on what I mean. Pizza Hut just released a proven to work heating technology that promises to deliver pizza’s to up to 15 degrees hotter. The delivery system contains a new delivery pouch with 3M Thinsulate Insulation thermal technology and a re-engineered pizza box with crisp sheet inserts, which combined dramatically improves the overall heat curve. Who want’s a cold pizza anyway? I don’t know about you, but I personally want to curl up on my couch and watch Netflix when it is freezing cold outside. I don’t want to cook or do anything but be lazy and order pizza. living in NYC, there is a very good chance that my pizza will lose its heat on a delivery man’s bike. Almost 70 percent of the time during the winter seasons, my pizza’s come to me semi warm and I end up microwaving it. Ultra disappointment.

If you are still wondering if Pizza Hut’s newest heating technology is actually authentic then read my personal experience. I recently had the pleasure in attending Pizza Hut’s Pizza Parka event held at Minus 5 bar in New York City. Minus 5 bar is a everything ice bar. Yes, everything is made out of ice including your drink glass. The temperature was indeed freezing cold. It might as well be Mr Freeze’s new home. Upon entering the bar, I put on Pizza Hut’s limited edition pizza parka that contained the very same heating technology that will be used to deliver pizza. The pizza parka was heavily insulated and well designed from the inside and out. I made sure that the parka was well shut to keep any cold from coming in. I was also wearing boat shoes while walking around in the freezing environment. I sat on couches made out of ice, I walked around for 10 minute until I noticed that I was beginning to sweat. I felt like I was running 10 miles under the sun. The only part of my body that was beginning to freeze was my feet. Incredible! I spent a total of 30 minuets inside before calling it quits. My poor feet was starting to turn purple. Everything else was more than toasty warm. I took off the parka and immediately began fanning myself. It truly lived up to its promising technology. Experiencing it for myself I say that your pizza’s will not only arrive at your doorstep hot, but also with a chance on having to fan out the fresh steam. I sure wish there was a Pizza Hut near me because I would be ordering pizza every week knowing my pizza will arrive piping hot.